ken at the controls

Audio Recording and Radio Broadcast Technician

"When you must have your job done right and on time."

I maintain an active client list of radio/audio producers, reporters and individuals around the country and the world.

  • Audio/Radio Studio Technician
    Working independently for over 18 years, I primarily serve as a substitute or overflow studio engineer to radio stations and radio program makers in the Washington DC area. I also serve special productions, one-time broadcasts, and non-broadcast audio projects.
  • Audio/Radio Field Technician
    A typical week includes several field assignments: recording press conferences, speeches, hearings and interviews, and engineering remote broadcasts. My client list is long and varied, and any summary list would not be fair to those not included.
  • Africa Radio Specialist
    Research to explore the development, audience, and media environment of radio in Africa. Documentation and dissemination to clients and the general public. Development of radio listening knowledge and practices. Monitoring of radio broadcasts from and toward Africa

E-mail:     Telephone: 651-414-1933